Water & Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater engineering is often invisible yet completely necessary to sustaining of modern life around the world. With decades of experience of facilitating population growth and environmental resilience in the UK, and of life-changing international development projects in places like India and Iraq, this is engineering at its most fundamental.

Pell Frischmann has a long track record of success in making water and wastewater facilities sustainable and resilient to both local population growth and a changing climate with long term implications.

Treatment Plant Wastewater

Our Water and Wastewater team is led from our Exeter office, but conducts work and has specialist staff across the country. We also often relocate people across borders, to facilitate large international development and environmental clean-up work that shares cutting edge UK practice with those working in the developing world.

We also carry out flood risk analysis and flood alleviation studies, particularly in the context of new developments in areas of potential floodplain.

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