Traffic Engineering & Road Safety

Transport Engineering 

Since the invention and expansion of motor vehicles, there has been a consistent rise in automobile use and an increasing trend towards more and more travel. With this movement comes an increase in congestion and a need of traffic engineering to ensure drivers, passengers, cyclist, and pedestrians are kept safe.

At Pell Frischmann, we specialise in transport planning, modelling, and traffic planning to increase road lifespan, effectiveness, and ease traffic with the aim to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways via the most effective interventions and designs.

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As Mid-Cap collaborators we look to interweave our expertise with other industry specialists.  As proud members of the Midland Metro Alliance, we are expanding the current tram links within Birmingham and across the West Midlands to provide a sustainable transport link that encourages the use of Midland Metro as an alternative to private cars. In doing so, we will reduce congestion, noise and greenhouse gases while facilitating economic growth.

Nevertheless, our Highways & Transportation team do not only cater the use of motorised transportation. To encourage environmentally friendly means of transportation we research and design behavioural options such as the innovative 15-metre-wide non-motorised crossing used to carry horses, cyclist, and pedestrians at Thorpe Park, Leeds. That green bridge caters the growth of vegetation whilst providing a safe means of transportation for the local community.

How we can help: safe road, safer people

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