Land Development

Making Great Places

Understanding future communities and how they will thrive alongside and within existing places, is critical to building the workplaces and homes the UK crucially needs.

Planning for the right infrastructure, natural environment, and services are at the heart of achieving that. Our environmental proficiency, transport modelling, and civil engineering expertise has been critical to securing planning and funding for tens of thousands of homes by opening up land for development. 

Land Dev4

The Pell Frischmann Land Development Team is involved in the planning and delivery of vibrant communities right across the country, along with jobs, schools, and other services that make these new homes, great places in which to live.

Likewise, the regeneration of existing brownfield sites requires unique experience such as maximising the potential from sites with geographical or infrastructure barriers, as well as proven success in revitalising old estates with interventions that enhance the lives of those who live there.

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