Sector: Highways


At Pell Frischmann, people are at the heart of our business; we design highways that benefit them whilst maximising value for our clients. Our teams take projects from inception to commissioning and clients can access funding, increasing the business case benefits so that our clients can access funding, designing schemes that work with their environment and managing delivery as Project Managers and Supervisors.

Highways 2

The highway is a means of transporting people and goods safely and efficiently, evolving from routes for people and livestock to the modern roads that more and more include technology as a means of meeting the challenge to reduce carbon usage whilst enabling development of the economy.

We work with Highways England via the Special Projects and Technical Services Framework has allowed us to be at the forefront of initiatives to improve the Highway. Design of highway and junction improvements often unlocks development but may have an impact on those adjacent to it. We are accredited to PAS1192 for BIM and produce 3D models and visualisations demonstrate how we mitigate impact in public consultations.

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