Flood Resilience

Flood Resilience

From homes and workplaces to the utilities and infrastructures that serve them, ensuring their resilience against climate change can mean flood prevention efforts to tackle floods we know already happen, or undertaking detailed predictive modelling to help protect against new weather patterns and rising sea levels in the future.

A single flood event can undermine so much that we normally take for granted. It can cut of our energy supplies, make us homeless, and can even halt basic sanitation. So understanding what is at stake and what can be done about it matters.

Flood Prevention

The Pell Frischmann Flood Prevention Team provides experience and expertise in flood risk management and flood prevention, ranging from river catchment studies and flood risk assessments to property level protection surveys and Repair and Renew Grants.

Our civil, structural, and geotechnical teams have decades of experience in utilities such as water and energy, and in infrastructure like roads and rail - and have been involved in some remarkable programmes to cut flood risk and help ensure as few people as possible are affected by the worst the climate can deliver.

How we can help: flood prevention

  • icon-arrowFlood relief - Schemes can be delivered from design to construction
  • icon-arrowFlood modelling - 3D modelling across large or small areas can be vital to finding the right interventions
  • icon-arrowBathymetric Surveys - Alongside LiDAR Drone Surveys for costal protection: Information is key
  • icon-arrowCritical Infrastructure Protection - From assessing risk to identifying the means by which it might be reduced and overseeing delivery of new infrastructure
  • icon-arrowNatural waterway enhancement - Supporting rivers and the land to do what it should by removing man-made hindrances where possible

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