Commercial Intelligence

A Strong Business Case 

From offices to roads, or rail to water, the best expertise can make viable, or enhance the commercial value, of a project to help secure the finance needed to make it happen. 

Money is a reality that sits behind every engineering project, from a local authority’s business case for a new ring road, to the return on investment for a property developer with a constrained site. Getting it right is always crucial, and sometimes help is needed with gateway infrastructure to open up possibilities. 

Commercial Inteligence

The best possible utilisation of materials, modelling of capacity outcomes, or even the willingness to deploy new methods and technologies to reduce costs or increase outcomes must be made normal across all sectors. 

Pell Frischmann is extremely pleased to have helped countless clients such as local authorities to secure funding for valuable local projects, and to have put our expertise and innovation to use for private clients to generate a greater return on the commercial value of their developments. 

How we can help: Project Finance

  • icon-arrowBusiness cases - We help local authorities make a case for funding for vital local infrastructure
  • icon-arrowMaster planning - Making the most of a site by mitigating the impact of infrastructure such as pipelines and cables
  • icon-arrowMaterials efficiency - From reuse of ground materials on site, to maximising steel strength utilisation to reduce materials cost
  • icon-arrowAdjacency specialists - Expertise for developing closer to and over or under adjacent infrastructure expands developable space
  • icon-arrowGateway infrastructure - Supporting the development of over-site or adjacent infrastructure to make development viable

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