Commercial Intelligence

Pell Frischmann is pleased to have helped countless clients secure funding for valuable local projects, putting expertise to use for private clients to generate a greater return on the commercial value of their developments.

From offices to roads, or rail to water, the best expertise enhances the commercial value of a project to help secure the finance needed.

Money is a reality that sits behind every engineering project, from a local authority’s business case for a new ring road, to the return on investment for a property developer with a constrained site. Getting it right is crucial.

Commercial Inteligence

Project Finance:

  • Business Cases – Helping local authorities make a case for funding for vital local infrastructure;
  • Masterplanning – Making the most of a site by mitigating the impact of infrastructure such as pipelines and cables;
  • Materials Efficiency – From reuse of ground materials on site, to maximising steel strength utilisation to reduce materials cost;
  • Gateway Infrastructure – Supporting the development of over-site or adjacent infrastructure to make development viable.

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