Airport Engineering

Whether it be goods or people, aircraft transportation has become critical to regional, national, and global economic prosperity. The Department for Transport’s updated aviation demand forecast highlights that there is an extensive need for additional runway capacity within the UK whilst predicting that “all five of London’s main airports will be completely full by the mid – 2030s, with four of them within a decade”.

The rest of the country also demonstrates the increased use and need to expand as airports such as Newcastle International witness ten-year highs in passenger numbers – further supporting the government’s £1.8 million commitment to fund innovation in aviation security.


At Pell Frischmann we have a specialist team of aviation engineers with experience in the UK and worldwide. Our projects and services cover the development of both airside and landside segments of airports, including London City Airport’s terminal facilities extension and airfield infrastructure expansion, to the runway extension and wider upgrade of Sir Gaetan Duval Airport in Mauritius - which includes the widening and strengthening of existing paving, with the extension of the runway stretching over the sea.

The upgrading and expanding of airports within the aviation industry will deliver considerable economic growth for businesses, better experiences for users, and opportunities for residents and communities around the area, helping to future-proof facilities and accommodate the next generation of aircraft.

How can we help: Assisting growth within aviation

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