Airside Planning & Design

The continual and rapid growth in air transport means that airports need to accommodate increasing numbers of aircraft movements as well as the increasing numbers of Code F aircraft that are coming into service, both in terms of runway and stand capacity. Pell Frischmann Aviation offers the latest advice in operational planning and procurement practices as well as the most recent developments in construction materials and design techniques.

Our airfield planning capabilities encompass the following:

  • Detailed obstruction surveys, obstacle limitation and operational clearance planning
  • Airfield configuration planning to optimise the layout using UK CAA, ICAO, IATA and FAA standards and methodologies
  • Enhancing runway capacity through the provision of runway RETs and RATs
  • Optimisation of apron layouts and aircraft parking configurations in terms of flexibility and expandability to meet the requirements of current and future aircraft types and traffic mix
  • Assessment and integration of airfield manoeuvring areas in terms of aircraft characteristics, jet blast and ground support equipment
  • Planning and design of the terminal / airside interface

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