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Pell Frischmann is advancing knowledge by equipping the next generation with cutting-edge learning and research facilities to allow innovation to thrive. There is an ever-quickening pace of progress in science, data and technology; to build high-quality facilities to support that change is vital.

We are dedicated to building the places needed for scientists, students and entrepreneurs to genuinely advance their knowledge. From world-class paediatric care, research and medicine, to a teaching facility that brings people together around a central hub to encourage values of openness, transparency, and collaboration.

Advancing Knowledge Lecture
Examples include our work on:

Great Ormond Street Hospital: Our experience allowed Zayed Centre for Research to take a step closer to discovering ground breaking cures. We have brought patients and researchers together into an environmentally controlled noise and vibrational protected atmosphere.

Newcastle University: We aimed to increase standards of learning to improve student environment for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Through the help of volumetric modular construction (building advanced rooms offsite to be swiftly assembled on site), we accommodated new and returning students in vastly improved facilities quickly.

How we can help: learning and research facilities

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