York Outer Ring Road

A five-year development scheme will improve the capacity of seven roundabouts, increase efficiency, and ease traffic on the ring road, boosting growth prospects in and around York. York Outer Ring Road is a project for York City Council, funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Like the A164 and Jocks lodge scheme, this project will be achieved by providing 100 metres of duelling on the roundabout’s approach, a dedicated left turn lane, and a further 100 metres on exit, with a wider aspiration to duel the whole system in the long term if demand require it. The roads will then blend back into a single lane until the next roundabout, where the process will repeat. Our specialities in highways and transport planning will enable this expansion without creating major delays and compromising the possibility of a dual carriage way in the future.

To begin, a business case was completed on each of the seven roundabouts to illustrate the project’s benefits and value for money. A detailed design then followed to deliver solutions for the roundabouts.

The first design was on Willerby road. With no obstructive structures to the process and very little environmental issues, the roundabout demonstrated a simple and controlled start to the strategy.

On the other hand, the second roundabout encountered challenges such as the widening of a bridge, and caution of newts in the area. The design stage to this section also needed greater attention due to specific approval and principle processes needing to be signed off for structural work.

Having a different design structure to the rest, and a potential for major developments around the site. A strategic plan was created to leave the completion of the third and fourth roundabouts for the second half of the 5-year plan. This helped with keeping the workloads consistent, and with the obtaining of planning permissions.

With the possibility of needing to extend over a railway bridge, the fifth roundabout demonstrated some challenges regarding the amount of duelling needed on the site. This encounter is expected to require extensive liaison with network rail to find a collective solution.

The sixth roundabout will require the widening of the river Foss bridge, and a creation of a new pedestrian underpass. While the others can be constructed under the Committed Development Rights, like the fourth roundabout, the sixth will also need planning permission.

The York Outer Ring Road project has been very fruitful as we come up to the fifth year of the development. With our early scheme evaluation report expressing a positive reaction to ring road’s development, we look to gather the same results through our post evaluation report in 2018.

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