West Anglia Stations Programme

The West Anglia Stations Programme is a scheme that took West Anglia route under TfL control, rebrand stations, and increase revenue lost from unticketed passengers. This involved site master-planning, gateline support structuring, and new ticket hall designs across 24 stations.

To improve the ambiance on the platforms, existing benches and furniture were replaced, and stations repainted to co-ordinate with TfL’s iconic brand. Modern communication systems were also delivered to improve the availability of information and security for passengers.

The remodelling of West Anglia stations witnessed the rearranging of ticket halls into alternative zones to accommodate the arrival of new gatelines and improvements to station security to prevent fare evasion. These works delivered an external gate pavilion line in Bethnal Green and Turkey street stations, and created a glass pavilion linked with an internal ticket office in wood street station.

Providing designs for 24 stations in just over a year saw challenges within the project. To overcome this, a strict management procedure was undertaken, with the sharing of information running freely to and from clients. By illustrating the TfL brand throughout all stations, we were able to create a reoccurring design system for each station that dramatically increased the efficiency of the project.

With the standard network rail design commission structured as a three-phase submission, the processes for 24 stations would have been excessively time consuming. To tackle this problem, we were able to encourage our client to use a non-complex work form system that allowed single submissions instead. This allowed us to place the saved time into increasing value in other sections of the project, such as the enhancing development efficiency through innovative design.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we deployed civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural specialists to carefully review our client's requirements for each station, and engineered solutions to maximise outcomes. In doing so, we delivered passenger flow surveys to ensure a realistic baseline in forecasting passenger growth. Passive provision was then undertaken to measure when this growth may occur. As a result, we have been able to future proof designs to allow additional gates to be added without undertaking major rework.

With the West Anglia stations’ old branding deemed as dual, negative and linked to a poor level of service, its refurbishment will improve the station’s appearance in line with the London Overground’s branding whilst increasing fare revenue by obstructing fare evading passengers. In turn the enhanced service and stations will serve us hubs for local growth.

Key facts

  • icon-arrow Provided designs for 24 stations.
  • icon-arrow Improved appearance and service of the West Anglia line
  • icon-arrow Increased fare revenue for TfL

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