Zig Zag and Kings Gate

Pell Frischmann, working for Land Securities, have replaced a 1950’s ground scraper with a £150 million Zig Zag and Kings Gate mixed-use development on Victoria Street.

As winner of the Office Building of the Year award at the World Architecture Festival, the Zig Zag building illustrates cautiously shaded, yet transparent facades that give the development great depth, whilst offering occupants the option of fresh air and natural light due to the full height windows and unique orientations of the facades.

With the use of solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and LED lighting installations, the the Zig Zag is an environmentally friendly and efficient building. The rainforest like terrace also creates a space for occupants to break from office life, into a calm and natural atmosphere.  

Through a well-lit, ventilated, and comfortable environment, Land Securities’ research highlighted a 15% staff increase in job satisfaction and productivity a vital outcome that drives up the value of office space at the Zig Zag.  

The Kings Gate House has a hundred flats consisting penthouses, studios, and apartments. This building had been elegantly designed with the influence of Italian renaissance and a hint of British sophistication that spreads an optimistic character throughout Victoria.

These award-winning buildings provide of office space, residential homes, restaurants, and public realm to complement neighbouring attractive modern buildings such as Cardinal place.

The structural design of the Kings Gate House also creates a sequence of communal and sociable terrace spaces that allows light to flood into living areas, as the graceful lobby forms a calming separation between the office based streets and the home.

Expertise of Pell Frischmann

Pell Frischmann made possible the complex designing of high spec concrete façades, creating lean natural stone piers and shallow shaped concrete casements. With the inability to hold their own weight, the façades were wedged into the building to create a structural acoustic isolation and effortless visual nature.

The work of our fire engineers allowed the safe allocation of structures and systems such as the sprinkler framework, which covered potential hazards such as bars and kitchens within the retail sections of the building. Additional specialties covered by our fire engineers was to make sure that at least 2.5% of every office floor had openable façade space to enable the purging of smoke by the brigade after a fire.

With the site surrounded by London underground tunnels and a major road, the biggest challenge and accomplishment for Pell Frischmann was to ensure no disruptions of these key transport zones. In doing so we maximized the basement space that runs throughout both buildings to reaching 1 metre of the railway tunnel walls. This never before seen basement engineering allowed thousands of additional square feet of valuable space throughout the building.


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