Centre Point Redevelopment

Centre Point is one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Fifty years after helping to build it, Pell Frischmann has returned to give it its next lease of life.

With its unique concrete and glass structure, Centre Point’s construction exceeded and advanced the standard of engineering in its time, and to the present day remains a structural benchmark. Having originally taken part in its revolutionary construction in 1966, Pell Frischmann returns with Rick Mather Architects and Conran and Partners to transform this groundbreaking Grade II listed office building into a mixed-use development, comprising of residential, commercial, and a public realm.

Pell Frischmann’s specialist role within this project consisted of Façade Engineering, Refurbishment, and BIM. The thorough repair of the load-bearing white precast concrete façade has been used to extend the buildings design lifespan, with some levels needing complete complex remodeling to retain its façade. Furthermore, our specialist support has also witnessed the wholesale removal of two alternate floors at the base of the building to make way for retail space and commercial space. Additional renovations are also being done on the annex and link bridge to complement to the aesthetically pleasing design and structure of the building.

Pell Frischmann’s divisional director, Mike Hitchens, stated how without access to our original plans, the process of unraveling the building for redevelopment would have been “nearly impossible”. Conran Design’s CEO, Tim Bowder-Ridger also illustrates how Centre point’s revamp will “restore this building to its rightful place as one of London’s most cherished design classics”.

Centre point’s revamp will restore this building to its rightful place as one of London’s most cherished design classics.

As a building that is held close to the firm through pride and association, Pell Frischmann look forward to finalising the restoration of its award-winning structure and restoring its tradition design with modern day technology. 


  • icon-arrow385 - feet high
  • icon-arrow34 - floors
  • icon-arrow3 - adjacent underground railways
  • icon-arrow1 - storey per week: the speed it rose from the ground.

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