​Winstanley Regeneration

Winstanley Regeneration 

We are proud to announce that our partnership with Taylor Wimpey has been appointed for the regeneration of the Winstanley and York Road Estate within Battersea. Pell Frischmann, with partners Taylor Wimpey, came out on top in the bidding process, as we established our undisputed experience in engineering and master planning, leading to a significant triumph over heavyweight rivals.

With this new project heavily incorporating the community within the design and structure of the neighbourhood, phasing will ensure existing occupiers can relocate locally to keep them engaged with the flourishing of their future homes.

Pell Frischmann's excellence in master-planning, will help ensure this £1bn scheme will generate an innovative mixed-use neighbourhood consisting of 2000 modern homes, retail, office, and community space.

As the birthplace of the So Solid Crew, we look forward to creating a safe and modern environment that will encourage future prosperity and vibrancy of the Batterseaís unique culture and community.

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