Why Pell Frischmann?

Pell Frischmann is one of the UK’s most influential and highly respected firms of consultant engineers. 

Formed in London in 1926, we have a long history of challenging engineering and business conventions. Both are equally important to our success, and our high value clients trust us to help them achieve their ambitions.  

We are pleased to say that the outcomes our clients seek are highly diverse. 

We work with public bodies to generate local, regional, or national growth, and with utilities aiming for a more sustainable future. We collaborate with a range of agencies attempting to make infrastructure safer to use and easier to finance, and with property developers to make their property portfolio prosper. 

This diversity of work is possible because of Pell Frischmann’s unique position in the industry. 

Along with our remarkable history and the trust of our clients, we are backed by an investment trust with a long term environmental focus. This patient capital allows us to invest in growth at a human-speed comfortable with our culture of aiming to be the best and work with the best – not to be the biggest and work with everyone. 

In achieving that ambition, we have established ourselves as a hub for a diverse range of specialist firms across UK PLC, allowing us to bring the very best specialists in any field into our work, while remaining specialist at the things we do best. 

The values that underpin our success:

  • icon-arrowReliable - Being 90 years old brings a legacy of trust and high standards to build upon
  • icon-arrowRespectful - Personal and professional dignity is important to us and those we work with
  • icon-arrowResponsible - There are right ways to do things – be it socially, personally, or professionally
  • icon-arrowResponsive - We are agile as a business and in responding to our client and partner needs
  • icon-arrowRewarding - Working with or at Pell Frischmann is a rewarding experience with rewarding outcomes

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