Sally Walters shortlisted as Role Model of the year

Congratulations to Sally Walters on being shortlisted for this year’s UK Construction Week (UKCW) Role Models Awards.

With help from the Construction Youth Trust, UKCW established its Role Models campaign to inspire others and create awareness of the diversity of roles available within the construction industry.

Out of the 130 entries, due to her passion for challenging stereotypes and promoting the vast possibilities within engineering, Sally Walters has come out on top as part of the shortlisted 36.

Nathan Garnett, UKCW event director, commenting on the shortlisting, stated: 

As part of being shortlisted, role models will take part in an outreach programme to help build connections with local schools and colleges. It’s about sharing their construction career journeys and inspiring the next generation by dispelling the myths surrounding the construction industry

Pell Frischmann is proud of Sally’s achievements and tireless endeavours to inspire the next generation of not only engineers but scientists and other professionals within the industry of construction.

The winner will be announced at UKCW on 10 October.

To view the full shortlisting please click here.

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