Pell Frischmann wins ICE Yorkshire and Humber Awards

Pell Frischmann wins ICE Yorkshire and Humber Awards

On Friday 6th March, our Flood Resilience team collected the Sir John Fowler Award from the ICE for their work on the River Hull Integrated Catchment Strategy (RHICS).

The natural River Hull valley is one of the most ëat-risk' developed flood plains in England with a land area of approximately 90km2 and a population of approximately 360,000. Without defences, an area of approximately 5,500 hectares of land with nearly 131,000 residential properties would (and has been) subject to flooding from sea, river, surface water, and groundwater.

The study has assessed:

  • 130km of watercourses 
  • 5, 10, 50 and 100 year flood scenarios 
  • storm event scenarios lasting 10 and 75 hours 
  • 3 climate change scenarios for 2055, 2085 and 2115 
  • surface water models using 40,000 data points 
  • values for properties (residential and commercial), agriculture (land and crops) and critical infrastructure 
  • the entire condition of the river from Tickton to the Humber including a bathymetric survey of the river using sonar, Lidar, satellite imaging and new surveys of land drainage systems 
  • the modelling outcomes against actual observed flooding from data collected since 2007 and many more factors

The Strategy has provided a range of solutions and mitigation options such as:-

  1. Assessment and preliminary designs of four pumping stations
  2. Survey and design for re-profiling two water courses (River Hull & Holderness Drain) including using water injection dredging
  3. Concept and design of four managed offline storage options
  4. Design of two raised embankment (Holderness Drain, Beverley & Barmston Drain south of Beverley)
  5. Conceptual and preliminary design for additional River Hull Tidal Barrier and Sluice options

The judges were highly impressed by our project and by our engagement with the community via key stakeholders and a Community Panel to consider practical concerns.

Laurence Waterhouse - Associate Director of the Flood Resilience team said "This has been a real team effort including working with other consultants, sub-contractors and the project boards from the local authorities and the EA."

Congratulations to the Flood Resilience team for their award winning work!

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