Pell Frischmann Supports Solar Panel Project in Zimbabwe

Pell Frischmann is delighted to be supporting schools and families in Zimbabwe by helping to build solar panels to power electric water pumps during periods of drought.

In Zimbabwe, erratic and unreliable rainfall has caused successive droughts over several years, which has led to severe water shortages in dams that feed hydroelectric power stations. As a result, many communities are left without electricity and water. 

Working with The Global Good, a charity that focuses on protecting wildlife and the natural world, Pell Frischmann is supporting families and schools in local communities by becoming a major donor to help power electric water pumps within the village.

At Pell Frischmann, our unique ownership structure means that most of our profits go towards funding the perpetual environmental and social obligations resulting from the cessation of hard coal mining in Germany. We are proud to be supporting a project that creates value aligned to our noble purpose and sustainable aspirations. The work of The Global Good will help alleviate the impact that climate change has on various countries and communities.

For more information about the project and how you can help, please visit

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