Highly Commended at British Expertise International Awards 2016

Highly Commended at British Expertise International Awards 2016

Pell Frischmann's Low-Carbon Infrastructure Study - proposing a model infrastructure spine for India's ambitious economic corridors - has been Highly Commended as an outstanding international collaboration at the 2016 British Expertise International Awards.

Working closely with the University of Cambridge and conducting extensive collaborative workshops with the government, private industry, policy makers, and funding agencies in UK and India, Pell Frischmann found a model infrastructure spine could achieve a 50% carbon reduction through selected interventions in transportation, ICT, and power infrastructure.

Along with co-locating road, rail, power and ICT systems, the study found significant carbon reductions could be achieved through the following:

  • 200m verges to house renewable power generation for railway and potential export to grid/nodes; 
  • Dedicated lane(s) for low-carbon vehicles and HOVs (high occupancy vehicles); 
  • Toll for fossil fuelled LOVs (low occupancy vehicles); 
  • Service stations with electric/biodiesel vehicle fuelling/charging.

The study was funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It analysed infrastructure interventions that are commercially viable and provide maximum carbon reduction, along with identifying opportunities for British technologies within the economic corridors.

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