Pell Frischmann - News - Sedgemoor Council Framework

Thu 11th Aug 2011 - 16:06

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been appointed by Sedgemoor Council to join their Multi-disciplinary Panel for planning and technical support to major infrastructure projects and service delivery.


The framework sought to establish a panel of technical experts capable of supporting infrastructure projects, e.g. new nuclear, national grid and wind energy (onshore and offshore), which are being considered or have already commenced. The appointed panel members (or service providers) who are appointed to undertake a particular project (following a Mini-competition) would support Contracting Bodies at policy and/or operational level through the provision of high-quality timely analysis of reports and relevant issues, attendance at meetings, delivery of work packages, and liaising with other contracting authorities and organisations.


In order to fully cover the capabilities Sedgemoor were looking for, we led a consortium with Cyril Sweett, Lambert Smith Hampton, Regeneris and Roger Tym & Partners to successfully cover the full 7 lots:


Lot 1 - Construction/Engineering/Civil Engineering/Surveying

Lot 2 – Technical Planning

Lot 3 – Project Management

Lot 4 – Transport Systems Consultancy/Transport Network Consultancy

Lot 5 – Social Research Services

Lot 6 – Economic Research Services

Lot 7 – Environmental Consultancy/Environmental Impact Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment


Currently the three areas within Sedgemoor that the council have targeted as key work to come out of this framework are:

  • Major Infrastructure projects across the South West of England including the proposed new nuclear sites at Hinkley Point C (Somerset) and Oldbury (South Gloucestershire);
  • The line of alignment of the Hinkley Point corridor between Bridgwater (Somerset) and Seabank Corridor (Avon) and other grid connection corridors;
  • Renewable energy sites or proposed sites such as Bristol Channel / Atlantic Array or other potential renewable energy projects which are currently under investigation and/or in the course of development.